How They Work

How the Event Clips work and how to use them


Will not make a hole in your top just a dimple that will wash out of fabrics.
Only use through a single layer of fabric.
Event Clip Instructions 1    Event Clip Instructions 2

Prepare the Number.

If the number does not have holes, make holes or slits 2cm from the corners with a pointed object eg: Pen Tip or Knife.


Fix the Clip.

The Stud pushes the fabric through the Clip locking the Stud & number in place

To fix to loose fitting top.

  • Place the top & number on a flat surface
  • Put the FaceStud through the hole and marry up with the BackClip

To fix to a tight fitting top.

  • Start with the top right hole in the number, place the FaceStud through the hole/slit
  • Place the number with the FaceStud on top (keep EventClips away from nipples)
  • Breath in to expand the material of top
  • Marry BackClip up with each FaceStud and press until it clicks and locks
  • Check your EventClip is secure by pulling on each FaceStud

To remove.

  • Remove top & turn inside out
    Prise the BackClip up from the Flat Edge first

Made from Re-Cycled plastic and proven in the toughest events.

  • Will work on most running tops & lightweight waterproofs
  • Bevelled back less than 2mm thick will not rub
  • Stops number from flapping
  • Light weight less than 1gsm
  • Re-Usable & recyclable made from tough Nylon
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